What is this glowing thing in the sky?

I was greeted this morning by what appeared to be a fairly stationary object, glowing in the sky.  I stepped outside, for what I’m sure was just a brief pause in the rain, and took a few pictures.  It was fascinating to look at…well, attempt to look at; it was glowing so bright you couldn’t stare at it directly.

I had an assumption of what the object might be, but needed to double check my reference materials.  I cracked open a copy of my World Book Encyclopedia (the “S” addition) to confirm my suspicion.  From the data gathered, this object appears to be The Sun.  I had heard legends about its existence, but cannot remember the last time it was displayed in the sky.  Whatever the reason for its visit, I hope it stays awhile.  The dogs were equally excited about its arrival.  They actually spent time on the deck, laying in the glow of this amazing object.  This was quite strange as our dogs have not wanted to take a step outside in ages; I suppose due to the moat that had formed around the house.

I am including a few pictures that I was able to capture of this stellar object.  One includes this “Sun” hiding behind a tree and a couple look as if it’s a flying object falling to earth.  From what I’ve gathered with my handy-dandy encyclopedia, it appears that the sun should not be rushing towards the earth and that the illusion is merely the light reflecting off of clouds.  However, if I am incorrect in this assumption, I would advise to stop reading this post immediately and proceed to invest heavily in sun-care products.