My brother’s lyric video

Hello everyone,

As a proud big brother I wanted to write a post highlighting the hard work that my brother and his band have put in with their new song.  Some of you may know that my younger brother is a musician who’s been playing/writing music since he was in middle school.  He’s been in a couple of bands and still does some solo work, but his main focus now is on his new band Todd Johnson & The Revolvers.  I’ve been lucky enough to see them play a couple of times and I’m really excited about their new song “Best That You Can Do“.  They are currently working on a live-action video, but until then they have a lyric video which looks and sounds great.  I’d like to take a point of personal privilege and be a proud brother and present it here:

What do you use for video editing?

I made a quick vlog post to ask your thoughts on Video Editing software.  I’ve had a channel on YouTube for a little while now and I’m curious if it’s time to invest in better software…or if I’m in a good place with what I have.  I use iMovie for pretty much everything, but my goal is to start taking better quality video (using a video camera rather than my phone, desktop, etc.).  That also brings me to my second question, should I consider upgrading to an external microphone?  Wanted to get your thoughts and see what opinions and/or experiences you might have.  Let me know what you think in the comments below.  Thanks!

My YouTube channel and vlogging my new journey

Some of you may have visited my YouTube channel in the past, or seen embedded videos here on my blog, but I’m not sure I’ve ever formally introduced it.  So without further ado…here’s the link:

I’m also starting a new(er) path on my journey to overcome my OCD, anxiety, and depression.  I’ve written about these things before, but decided that I wanted to add another dimension to the journey, and to this blog.  Today I recorded a video introducing this journey on my YouTube channel.  My goal is to be able to use this blog and the channel to better tell my story, which I hope will enrich “the journey” for you, the reader, and for me as well.

I hope you will take a few minutes to check out the video and let me know your thoughts.  As always, thanks for stopping by!