My First Geocaching Adventure

When I was at the residential facility in Wisconsin they offered recreational, as well as art, therapy.  One day our rec therapy consisted of Geocaching on the facility grounds.  I had always heard about geocaching and thought it sounded like such a fun activity (who doesn’t like treasure hunts).  It brought out my inner Goonies.  🙂  Well, I had a blast and was determined that I would continue this activity when I got back home.  As many of you know, I got back home much sooner than expected, but it didn’t dampen my enthusiasm for this new sport/hobby.

There was something very therapeutic about being out in nature, practicing mindfulness, and focussing in on the task of finding this “cache”.  I was hoping that would carry over to when I got home and started geocaching outside the bubble of my residential facility.  Today was my first attempt and I can happily report that I LOVED the experience.  I made a short vlog to accompany my first solo cache hunt in the “real world”.  I felt such a peace come over me and my anxiety seemed to quiet as I listened to nature and focussed my attention on finding this tiny cache that ended up hanging from a small tree.

I’m already planning my next outing and hope that I stick with it.  It’s something that truly combines a tangible goal with a sense of calm and excitement during the search.  If you’ve never heard of Geocaching I would encourage you to check it out.  However, if you are a pro or have some experience with Geocaching, I’d love to read your feedback, pointers, etc. in the comments section.  Thanks!