My First Meme

After years of enjoying countless memes on social media, I decided that I wanted to take the plunge and make one of my own.  It was very easy to make and I used imgur as the tool (it’s web based and has an app).  So, for my first meme, I put a Mark spin on it…funny, political, with a nice hint of smart-ass truthfulness.  🙂  Hope you enjoy!

Honest Abe, Now Embarrassed - Imgur

Old Restaurant Menus from The New York Public Library

The New York Public Library recently released digitized versions of many old documents that they had on file.  They had an entire category for “Menus” which I found enjoyable to look through.  I made a short video containing some of the ones that I found interesting.  Hope you enjoy viewing.

Also, don’t forget to head over and look at the other fascinating documents that they released…many that are now in the public domain.