Charlie Update: Is that a hole?

Charlie has been doing great and is healing very well. Since the drainage stopped his left eye area has been healing up without issue. However, about a week ago we noticed what appeared to be a small scab where one of the sutures had been after surgery. Well after further investigation, we came to the conclusion that it was a tiny hole. It was quite odd, his skin had healed all around his left eye area, even healing completely around this apparent hole. There was no redness, no drainage, nothing.

I immediately thought about Charlie’s well being and asked if we could get him a diamond stud earring for the hole. If you have to have a tiny hole, why not bling it out. Well, my wife thought that was a bad idea and I was immediately overruled. I think Charlie was disappointed but he never said anything to me so I let it go.

Not knowing if this was normal, we called the vet and they asked us to bring him in. Guess what…it’s not normal. Our wonderful vet stated he’d never seen this before and that he’d like to open it up and take a quick glance to make sure everything looked ok on the other side. Soooooo, our trooper of a dog Charlie went under the scalpel again. Luckily everything looked ok from inside and they loosened up a little skin when sewing him back up to make sure we had a solid suture line with no tension on the wound.

Charlie was in great spirits when I picked him up today and the vet felt good that this would take care of our problem. Good news for the Charlie dog!

Quick Update: Carter

I realized that it’s been a while since I provided an update on how Carter is doing.  He is approaching seven months old now and has gotten so big.  Here is a link to the post from his first day with us.

His eyes are doing great and his personality is starting to flourish.  He is not afraid to bark when he wants any of his brothers’ toys/treats/whatever.  The area near the back of his mouth scrunches up to form a small downward angle to his mouth…making him look like an “old man”.  We have been joking that when he looks at us and just randomly barks, it’s like the old grandpa yelling at kids to get off his lawn.  We of course get in on the fun and let him know that we aren’t on his yard and to stop being rude.  It’s so cute!

Here is a picture of him taken just a few days ago.

Charlie Update: All Clear

We are so excited that Charlie has officially gotten the “All Clear” from the vet.  Doctor says he’s looking good and doesn’t need to see him anymore about his eye.

Thanks to everyone who sent positive puppy vibes and well wishes to Charlie.  They were much appreciated.

Here’s a pic of Charlie’s new look…prettiest little wink I’ve ever seen.