This actually exists: Amazon’s Dash Button

While browsing through Amazon recently, stocking up on some items for the house, I came across a product that at first appeared to be a joke.  Actually, I thought it was a product metaphor used to promote the item it was selling (think Staples’ “Easy Button”).  In this example it was promoting Tide laundry detergent, a flash drive looking device with a button on one end and the Tide logo across the face of the item.  Ohhhh…now I get it, I need Tide so I’ll push the button and shazam, it will be at my door.  What better way for me to add Tide to my shopping cart than to make it look this easy.  Awesome marketing.

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Well, it wasn’t pure marketing per se, Amazon was actually trying to sell me a button.  What?  Yes, my friends, Amazon is now selling, product specific “Dash Buttons” that you connect to your home’s wireless network.  In this case, the button was placed on a washing machine and the user noticed they were running low on detergent, they hit the button, and two days later Tide showed up at their door.  Look below, I have proof:

Amazon Dash button for Tide
Amazon Dash Button for Tide

I’m trying to determine if this truly is the greatest thing since sliced bread or is this quite possibly the laziest technological instrument I have ever seen.  I’m torn!  You see, when I was growing up, the only place people had electronic buttons were around their neck, when they were old, and they had “fallen…and can’t get up”.  However, the thought of simply pressing a button when you’re running low on detergent, coffee, toilet paper (yes, you can stick one of these bad boys on the toilet) does seem like a handy concept.  They even have a short video clip of how it works on the Dash Button page.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.  Do you already have one, if so, do you like it?

Did You Know: The Super Bowl, iPhone camera, and your big (small) toe

Welcome to Left of Center’s first installment of “Did You Know” (DYK). Today we’ll be looking at three interesting facts that range from professional football to Statue of Liberty selfies.

  • The NFL will not use a Roman Numeral to represent the naming of this season’s Super Bowl. It will be called Super Bowl 50, not Super Bowl L. For obvious reasons, using a giant “L” (which in sport is commonly associated with “loss”) on your championship game branding would probably not go over well. Luckily for Roman Numeral lovers everywhere, next year the NFL plans on returning to its traditional naming format.
  • On an iPhone, when using the camera app, you can take a picture by pressing the Volume Up button. If you hold the phone in your right hand with your fingers wrapped around to grip it, your index finger touches the Volume Up button. Why is this handy? Well, with the phone gripped in your hand, you have greater control and stability while taking pictures. If you are a big selfie fan, this will help create better photos and can replace the acrobatic thumb movement previously needed in order to hit the on-screen trigger button.
  • Is the second toe on your foot longer than your big (first) toe? You’re not alone. In fact, this is a rather common occurrence called Morton’s Toe. However, you don’t have a long second toe…you have a short first toe. Technically the condition is a shortened first metatarsal in relation to the second metatarsal. If you have Morton’s Toe, don’t despair, you share this condition with a very large and very famous figure, The Statue Of Liberty.