My brother’s lyric video

Hello everyone,

As a proud big brother I wanted to write a post highlighting the hard work that my brother and his band have put in with their new song.  Some of you may know that my younger brother is a musician who’s been playing/writing music since he was in middle school.  He’s been in a couple of bands and still does some solo work, but his main focus now is on his new band Todd Johnson & The Revolvers.  I’ve been lucky enough to see them play a couple of times and I’m really excited about their new song “Best That You Can Do“.  They are currently working on a live-action video, but until then they have a lyric video which looks and sounds great.  I’d like to take a point of personal privilege and be a proud brother and present it here:

Mark’s Journey – Back Home (Again)

I’m officially back home.  It’s been a while since I’ve last posted an update so here’s a vlog post to provide some context around my decision to come home and what I’ve been up to since I’ve been back.  I’m hoping to start posting more frequently now that I’m back home and have more access.  If you’re just tuning in, here is the link to my “Mark’s Journey” playlist on YouTube which chronicles my journey with Mental Health issues and the logistical struggles that come with trying to find proper care.