What do you use for video editing?

I made a quick vlog post to ask your thoughts on Video Editing software.  I’ve had a channel on YouTube for a little while now and I’m curious if it’s time to invest in better software…or if I’m in a good place with what I have.  I use iMovie for pretty much everything, but my goal is to start taking better quality video (using a video camera rather than my phone, desktop, etc.).  That also brings me to my second question, should I consider upgrading to an external microphone?  Wanted to get your thoughts and see what opinions and/or experiences you might have.  Let me know what you think in the comments below.  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “What do you use for video editing?

  1. I think the beauty of YouTube is that there is no set standard for quality, anyone can make a video with whatever they have. If you are happy with the videos you are making then there is no need to upgrade your equipment. I use my camera and its inbuilt mic, and I think that’s fine. However, of it’s something you are interested in, it might be fun to upgrade your equipment to give you something extra to play with 🙂

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    • Very true. I keep going back and forth on when, and what, to upgrade…or if at all. You are right, new equipment is always fun to play with…so many toys! 🙂


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