Mark’s Journey – The official end of my job

I decided to create a vlog post on the YouTube channel to talk about the ending of my time with my current employer.  I have no ill will towards them in any way.  They held my position open for me for several months longer than they legally had to and I’m very grateful for that.  Unfortunately, I’m not able to step back into my old role and I’m still having a hard time progressing forward.  With this said, the time came for me to move into the next phase of my disability status with my private insurance.  This triggered the separation of employment, making my tenure there officially over.

Today I went to turn in my laptop, badge, etc. and to also pick up my box of personal items that had been gathered from my office.  It was tough, but not unexpected.  As stated, my former employer had been very understanding of my situation and I knew this day would come.  It doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t sting a bit though when this transition finally occurred.  In the end, it’s pretty simple, they have a business to run and I have to continue working on getting better.  If there is a silver lining, it is that this moment has come, and now passed, which takes the uncertainty out of the picture.  Uncertainty is tough, but it is magnified when someone is dealing with hyper-anxiety, so today…I’m trying my best to look at this silver lining.  Here is a link to the vlog post where I go into more detail.

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