2015 – A Blog Year In Review

Like many of us, I can’t believe another year has come and gone.  Before another year sneaks up on me I wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2015.  While the year itself was a tough one for me personally, it was the “birth year” of this blog and I am very thankful for all of the opportunities it has given me.  It has been, and continues to be, a bright ray of sunshine and I look forward to the year ahead.  Without further ado, let me crank up my flux capacitor:

  • ASMR Interviews: By far, the most viewed posts this year were two interviews I conducted with two of my favorite ASMRtists: Emma WhispersRed ASMR and Relaxing ASMR.  Both of these ASMR YouTube stars were extremely gracious in accepting my request for an interview.  It was an absolute pleasure reading their responses and getting their thoughts on their YouTube channels and the world of ASMR.  I thank them both tremendously!
  • Carter: We added a new addition to our family last year; his name is Carter!  Last June we rescued an English Cream Dachshund from a local Dachshund rescue.  He has fit in great with our other three dachshunds and easily became a member of the family.  Since his arrival he has gone from being the smallest member of the pack to the largest.  Yes, he has now edged out Charlie as our largest fur-child.
  • Charlie: 2015 was a tough year for Charlie.  A protrusion of his third eyelid was found out to be caused by a cancerous mass.  The end result was that Charlie had to have his left eye removed.  Charlie has since recovered very well and his resilience has made him one of the coolest one-eyed dachshund pirates you’ll ever meet.
  • Book/Music/Movie Reviews: I wrote several reviews on books I read over the past year and some of the new music released last year as well.  I only got one movie review in last year…I’ll have to work on that.
  • Mental Health: As I alluded to earlier, my OCD, anxiety, and depression reared their ugly heads in full force this year.  Throughout the year I talk about the stigmas associated with mental health as well as some of the new therapy I have been working with.  My road to recovery is still a work in progress, but the important part is it’s a journey I’m going to take.  I’m looking forward to 2016 and the opportunity it grants me to continue getting better and helping me be un-discombobulated.

I think that hit most of the big items and themes from this years version of my blog.  Most importantly, I want to thank YOU, the reader, for taking the time to visit my blog.  Whether you’ve read a post in passing or have reached out directly to me, the experience of interacting with others through the power of technology is an amazing experience.  I’m so glad to share a part of it with you.

Here’s to a safe, happy, and healthy 2016!


2 thoughts on “2015 – A Blog Year In Review

  1. Great recap! Makes me realize how little I’ve accomplished on my tiny little log this far :). Sure do enjoy yours and I know 2016 will be great. Thanks for sharing with your readers.

    Liked by 1 person

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