I like T-Shirts yes I do, I like T-Shirts how ‘bout…really cool ones!?!?

It is no secret that I have a Love/Love relationship with T-Shirts. If I could wear T-Shirts to work every day I would, but I’m limited to “Casual Friday” where they have to be plain and bland, with no designs. Outside of work hours though, you’ll find me in T-Shirts with all sorts of designs. I love funny ones with clever slogans or I’m always proud to put my favorite band, movie, etc. on my chest as well. There’s also an entire section of shirts reserved for my favorite sports teams, not necessarily the players, but the teams (I’m probably loyal to a fault, but you’ll always see me root, root, root for the home team, because truly, if they don’t win…it’s a shame).

However, my favorite T-Shirts are the ones that come with a design providing a small glimpse inside the personality of who’s wearing the shirt: Me!

Recently I came across a T-Shirt display that, for lack of a better term, made me act like a 12-year-old girl at a One Direction/Just Bieber concert double-header. Ok, I didn’t quite cry uncontrollably or scream, but you get my point. The first shirt I saw had the word “Drifter” across the front, with a cowboy-riding silhouette like Clint in his old Western movies. I love Westerns, and had never seen the subtle play of the lone-rider image on a T-Shirt before. Subtle, but telling; awesome. There was also a shirt that had the simple slogan “Midnight Rider” and then my favorite of the music inspired shirts, an old Cadillac with the back of the car visible, New Jersey plates, and BORNTORUN on the tag. These are the small glimpses I’m referring to. A fan of old Westerns and classic Rock & Roll, wearing T-Shirts that are as far under the radar as they are over the top. A T-Shirt paradox, or maybe I’m just overthinking it. Either way, nothing is better than a good T-Shirt.

I’ll add images to this post for some of the designs I was able to get my hands on. Also, I have some contact information regarding the designer (who happens to be a musician) and the store, Grit and Grace, (Instagram and Facebook) where many of these T-Shirts are located. Let me know what you think in the comments below and also tell me about your favorite T-Shirt hanging in the closet.

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