Special Interview: YouTube star Emma (WhispersRed ASMR)

Several weeks ago I did an entire post on the phenomenon of “ASMR” and why I was such a fan. I decided that I wanted to take a deeper dive into the world of ASMR content creators and reached out to a few of my favorite ASMRtists to see if they would grant me an interview. I was very excited when I heard back from Emma, who has a huge following on YouTube with her WhispersRed ASMR channel (as of this writing, she has over 100k subscribers and 18 million video views). She graciously agreed to an interview and I sent my questions “across the pond” (Emma is from the UK). Below is a transcript of our interview:

Mark: When did you first experience ASMR?

Emma: There are many early ASMR experiences I remember but not a ‘first’ one. I just remember that the feeling has always been a part of my life. It’s something I have always enjoyed and I assumed that everyone felt it until I tried to explain it to others!

Mark: What made you decide to create a YouTube channel devoted to ASMR?

Emma: In November 2012 I searched on YouTube for relaxation videos and found many titled ASMR. Once realizing it was the name for the feeling I had experienced all of my life, everything changed. It started me on a path towards increased self-awareness and I shall always be grateful for that moment. The reason I started making videos was to become more involved in the ASMR community. In early 2014 I had begun joining groups on Facebook and started a group named ASMR UK (now ASMR UK & Ireland). I had met many people online and most of them seemed to have their own channels. Therefore I thought I could better connect with others by starting my own.

Mark: What is the most common request that you get from viewers?

Emma: There isn’t a particular most common request. Everyone’s triggers are so varied that the requests vary vastly too. I do notice though that most of the requests are for simple triggers rather than role-plays. This is wonderful for me because ASMR is so simple, I feel, and it reminds me that others feel that way too.

Mark: Who are some of your favorite ASMRtists? Do you ever have contact with them or any other ASMRtists?

Emma: There are so many really lovely ASMRtists on YouTube. I have a long list of people I watch regularly. My ‘go to’ creators for sleeping at the moment are ASMR Therapist, Deluca ASMR, Somni ASMR, Rhosgobel Rabbit, Wise Woman Whispers, Free Spirit ASMR & ASMR~inmylife. Then I regularly watch Gentlewhispering, WhispersUnicorn, Ardra Neala, ASMR Requests, Heather Feather, Dmitri Massage ASMR, Fairy Char, Accidentally Graceful & Sweet-Irish-Whispers all at different times of the day, sometimes day sometimes night. I discover new channels all the time and I’m pretty sure there will be someone left out in this list! There are so many amazing channels. I tend to watch one video each night in bed then have one playing in the background to fall asleep to. Reading that back I sound like a total addict, which I am! It’s important to change things up and keep the tingles fresh.

With regards to being in contact, I am the luckiest ASMR fan as everyone I watch on YouTube I connect with in some way. Whether it is messages on Facebook, emails, Skype calls or just the comments on videos. There are so many gentle, kind and loving people in the ASMR community that there is a friend around every corner.

Mark: Were do you see the world of ASMR going? Where would you like to see it go?

Emma: I basically see it going where I would like it to. It’s also wonderful to know I may be able to play a small part in that and help shape the future of ASMR. The tingly response is such a lovely feeling and the videos made to promote it are a fantastic therapy. The physical sensation is very dreamy and makes us feel very centered, it’s a big breath of fresh air to clear the mind and set us back on track. To be able to trigger this feeling before sleep is very useful for putting us in the state needed to attain a quality, uninterrupted night’s rest. I see ASMR and the videos becoming a recognized therapy and the videos used as treatment for various conditions such as Insomnia and Depression. Any situation requiring a level of focus or mind clearance can be helped using an ASMR video. I know of women already using videos to keep focused and calm during childbirth. In my opinion it won’t be too long before we see ASMR become scientifically proven to aid us in situations that people all over the world are already using it for.

I want to send a big THANK YOU to Emma for taking the time to give us her thoughts and reflections on the world of ASMR. If you haven’t had the chance yet to check out Emma’s YouTube channel, I highly recommend stopping by and enjoying her wonderful videos. You can also keep up with Emma on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

5 thoughts on “Special Interview: YouTube star Emma (WhispersRed ASMR)

    • Thanks Shelley! Emma is great and when she agreed to the interview I was super excited. She truly is as nice off the YouTube screen as she is on it; super nice in our email communication.
      Thanks again for stopping by and checking out the post!

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