Special Interview: YouTube star Emma (WhispersRed ASMR)

Several weeks ago I did an entire post on the phenomenon of “ASMR” and why I was such a fan. I decided that I wanted to take a deeper dive into the world of ASMR content creators and reached out to a few of my favorite ASMRtists to see if they would grant me an interview. I was very excited when I heard back from Emma, who has a huge following on YouTube with her WhispersRed ASMR channel (as of this writing, she has over 100k subscribers and 18 million video views). She graciously agreed to an interview and I sent my questions “across the pond” (Emma is from the UK). Below is a transcript of our interview:

Mark: When did you first experience ASMR?

Emma: There are many early ASMR experiences I remember but not a ‘first’ one. I just remember that the feeling has always been a part of my life. It’s something I have always enjoyed and I assumed that everyone felt it until I tried to explain it to others!

Mark: What made you decide to create a YouTube channel devoted to ASMR?

Emma: In November 2012 I searched on YouTube for relaxation videos and found many titled ASMR. Once realizing it was the name for the feeling I had experienced all of my life, everything changed. It started me on a path towards increased self-awareness and I shall always be grateful for that moment. The reason I started making videos was to become more involved in the ASMR community. In early 2014 I had begun joining groups on Facebook and started a group named ASMR UK (now ASMR UK & Ireland). I had met many people online and most of them seemed to have their own channels. Therefore I thought I could better connect with others by starting my own.

Mark: What is the most common request that you get from viewers?

Emma: There isn’t a particular most common request. Everyone’s triggers are so varied that the requests vary vastly too. I do notice though that most of the requests are for simple triggers rather than role-plays. This is wonderful for me because ASMR is so simple, I feel, and it reminds me that others feel that way too.

Mark: Who are some of your favorite ASMRtists? Do you ever have contact with them or any other ASMRtists?

Emma: There are so many really lovely ASMRtists on YouTube. I have a long list of people I watch regularly. My ‘go to’ creators for sleeping at the moment are ASMR Therapist, Deluca ASMR, Somni ASMR, Rhosgobel Rabbit, Wise Woman Whispers, Free Spirit ASMR & ASMR~inmylife. Then I regularly watch Gentlewhispering, WhispersUnicorn, Ardra Neala, ASMR Requests, Heather Feather, Dmitri Massage ASMR, Fairy Char, Accidentally Graceful & Sweet-Irish-Whispers all at different times of the day, sometimes day sometimes night. I discover new channels all the time and I’m pretty sure there will be someone left out in this list! There are so many amazing channels. I tend to watch one video each night in bed then have one playing in the background to fall asleep to. Reading that back I sound like a total addict, which I am! It’s important to change things up and keep the tingles fresh.

With regards to being in contact, I am the luckiest ASMR fan as everyone I watch on YouTube I connect with in some way. Whether it is messages on Facebook, emails, Skype calls or just the comments on videos. There are so many gentle, kind and loving people in the ASMR community that there is a friend around every corner.

Mark: Were do you see the world of ASMR going? Where would you like to see it go?

Emma: I basically see it going where I would like it to. It’s also wonderful to know I may be able to play a small part in that and help shape the future of ASMR. The tingly response is such a lovely feeling and the videos made to promote it are a fantastic therapy. The physical sensation is very dreamy and makes us feel very centered, it’s a big breath of fresh air to clear the mind and set us back on track. To be able to trigger this feeling before sleep is very useful for putting us in the state needed to attain a quality, uninterrupted night’s rest. I see ASMR and the videos becoming a recognized therapy and the videos used as treatment for various conditions such as Insomnia and Depression. Any situation requiring a level of focus or mind clearance can be helped using an ASMR video. I know of women already using videos to keep focused and calm during childbirth. In my opinion it won’t be too long before we see ASMR become scientifically proven to aid us in situations that people all over the world are already using it for.

I want to send a big THANK YOU to Emma for taking the time to give us her thoughts and reflections on the world of ASMR. If you haven’t had the chance yet to check out Emma’s YouTube channel, I highly recommend stopping by and enjoying her wonderful videos. You can also keep up with Emma on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

BookBub – A great place for those who love books

Have you heard of BookBub yet?  If not, you’ve got to sign up for this free service that is absolutely wonderful for those who love books.  If you’re looking to find new authors, series, or deals on existing books then BookBub is a gem!  In a nutshell, it’s a service that compiles your favorite genres and alerts you to books that are located at the major book distributors (Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Apple iBooks) and have become discounted or free.  You’d be surprised how many books show up as free or discounted to just a couple of dollars.  Also, it’s a great way to find out about new authors or lesser known, existing authors who have these wonderful books that you never knew existed. Check out their quick video below and see how the service works.  Let me know what you think in the comments below.  Enjoy!

America’s Newest Political Curse: Ben Carson, the Neurosurgeon Who Can’t Think – @alternet

Along with Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson is way ahead of the pack for the Republican presidential nomination.

Source: America’s Newest Political Curse: Ben Carson, the Neurosurgeon Who Can’t Think @alternet

Understanding Trump’s appeal is easy, he simply says what the crowds want to hear, provides no details, looks confident and had his own Reality TV show.  I get it.  Everyone knows he’s pandering to the base; his favorite book is not the Holy Bible, he’s not going to be able to make Mexico pay for a wall, yada yada.  He’s like a John Wayne figure, you knew Wayne was a badass, who would deck the guy talking smack, and have a clever line while doing it.  You didn’t watch John Wayne to here him diplomatically talk out a problem about cattle rustling.  Which is why John Wayne was fun to watch but good god, keep him away from Pennsylvania Avenue.

What perplexes me is Ben Carson.  Even if you take away the horribly bad, chauvinistic, bigoted, anti-semitic, rhetoric he’s been spewing for years now, there’s still a neurosurgeon under all that filth.  There’s still a man who had the skill to separate conjoined twins.  This guy isn’t a dummy, but I think he may be stupid.  I think he is a talented surgeon who could do things medically that most humans could not even dream of.  However, what he has taught us is that extreme knowledge in one subject doesn’t mean extreme logic in others.  Sure, he has opinions in other fields which are valid, even if I disagree with them, but come on, to state that The Devil made Darwin do it.  The article above talks about the possibility of departmentalization of the mind, and I believe this is a reasonable argument.  Think back to when we had master ship builders who could construct vessels that marveled, but also wanted to make sure you didn’t take the boat too far away or it would fall off…the earth.  It’s not inconceivable, and I’d argue, not completely uncommon, to have people who are truly gifted at an amazing set of tasks, have those perceptions artificially created and transferred over to all items of topic.  Bobby Fischer, Albert Einstein, you could make a list as long as you wanted and wholeheartedly say that none of them should be president.

Of course, some of his “brilliance” comes from the perception of his supporters.  Hold on…I’m not saying he’s not a smart man, as stated above, I believe he is extremely intelligent in his field, but I believe there is an additional traction that is gained by people who believe in him ferociously.  The article has this nugget which is great:

Participants in focus groups of Republican caucus and primary voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, conducted in recent days by Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, used these words to describe Carson: “deep,” “thoughtful,” “intelligent,” “smart,” “brilliant,” a “top mind.” I get this. According to a recent Public Policy Polling report, 46 percent of Carson supporters (and 61 percent of Trump supporters) think President Obama was not born in the U.S., and 61 percent of Carson supporters (and 66 percent of Trump supporters) think the president is a Muslim. Carson’s being called brilliant by that base ain’t baffling.

That is scary.  You may hate President Obama, The Democratic Party, donkeys, the name “Clinton”, etc. but you have to admit that the President was born in the U.S.  To think that almost half of your supporters can’t accept this simple fact…it’s unbelievable.  It’s also telling, and what it tells us is that large swaths of people, especially in the age of Fox News and other faux news outlets, can be so blinded by hate and ignorance that they loose sight and stop believing in the most basic of truths.

Here’s my final thought on Ben Carson: I’d rather have Ben Carson operate on my brain than be my president.  How many of our 44 presidents could you say that about?  FDR and Lincoln are considered to be two of our best presidents; one saved the Union and the other saved the World.  Of course, I wouldn’t want either of them near my head with a scalpel.  My point is this, Ben Carson is an intelligent man, but he has, either on purpose or unintentionally, kept that away from the rest of his mind.  He’s a scientist who doesn’t believe in the scientific method.  He’s a brain surgeon who would be best served by opening his own.

What is this glowing thing in the sky?

I was greeted this morning by what appeared to be a fairly stationary object, glowing in the sky.  I stepped outside, for what I’m sure was just a brief pause in the rain, and took a few pictures.  It was fascinating to look at…well, attempt to look at; it was glowing so bright you couldn’t stare at it directly.

I had an assumption of what the object might be, but needed to double check my reference materials.  I cracked open a copy of my World Book Encyclopedia (the “S” addition) to confirm my suspicion.  From the data gathered, this object appears to be The Sun.  I had heard legends about its existence, but cannot remember the last time it was displayed in the sky.  Whatever the reason for its visit, I hope it stays awhile.  The dogs were equally excited about its arrival.  They actually spent time on the deck, laying in the glow of this amazing object.  This was quite strange as our dogs have not wanted to take a step outside in ages; I suppose due to the moat that had formed around the house.

I am including a few pictures that I was able to capture of this stellar object.  One includes this “Sun” hiding behind a tree and a couple look as if it’s a flying object falling to earth.  From what I’ve gathered with my handy-dandy encyclopedia, it appears that the sun should not be rushing towards the earth and that the illusion is merely the light reflecting off of clouds.  However, if I am incorrect in this assumption, I would advise to stop reading this post immediately and proceed to invest heavily in sun-care products.

What does my perfect workday look like?

I’ve asked myself this question many times, over many years. I’ve tried asking it in every imaginable way to somehow pry loose an idea that could be stuck in some upper corner of my mind. A service of some type, a widget people would buy, something, anything…but I always end up with nothing. It’s actually quite ironic if you think about it. My OCD and anxiety keep my brain running all the time, very rarely stopping to refuel. If my brain were a car it would be the most fuel-efficient vehicle on the planet. Yet, with this constant movement of thoughts that never seem to cease, I’ve been unable to figure out what it is that would make me feel professionally happy.

I decided at one point that I should tackle this problem by working backwards. Since I couldn’t figure out what to do, I would look at what my ideal working day would look like, then step back from there and see what occupations fit in with that concept logistically. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Mobile: I want my office to be wherever I’m at, not the other way around. Sure, there needs to be a home base somewhere but my daily work can take place anywhere there is access to the internet.

    By the way, to my point of mobility, I have to share this. As I’m typing this in a Panera restaurant, drinking tea, three tables away the weekly meeting of the Charlotte Scrabble Club is taking place. Are you kidding me? How great would it be to follow up on emails with a stranger next to you trying to figure out where to place a “Q” for a triple word score?

  • Money: I need to be doing something that helps contribute to our household income. I don’t need to create the next Google, but I do need to make sure that there is food on the table, a roof over our head, and a Netflix subscription (the streaming only version would be just fine). Comfortable, that’s a good word. I’m not asking to be rich and I don’t want to be poor; I want to be comfortable.
  • Schedule: I want to get up and go to bed when I want to. This may sound silly or childish, but think about this if you have a traditional 8-5 job. Currently you get up so you can make it to work on time, which is dictated by your boss. You leave the office at the time your boss has set. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, especially if you are a salaried employee, but for the most part this is how you determine your sleep and wake times. It should be noted that this is probably a control issue on my part. Inherently there is nothing wrong with a set schedule and most people are fine with it; heavy traffic going into town in the morning and heavy traffic coming out of town in the early evening is not a coincidence. Regardless, this is a sticking point for me if I’m blue skying it here. It’s not a deal breaker, but it is a big deal.

There you have it, the main requests that I feel would make a perfect workday. Seems pretty elementary on the surface. It also sounds like I’d be riding unicorns and selling fairy dust. I’m not completely convinced that it’s even possible to have all three. The only thing I have discovered so far that meets each part of the criteria is to become a Writer. Which is technically what I am doing right now. However, the second item on the list is nil, nada, a big fat zero. I’m not ruling out writing, in fact I’m looking into ways to possibly make this a reality, but until I can figure out how to make point two profitable and fulfill the “comfortable” threshold I’ll add it to the ever-growing list of possible career paths.