When in the stall, don’t take the call.

An observation I have noticed recently is the obsessive nature of some individuals to take phone calls while they are in public restrooms. Now with hands free devices becoming much more common the situation is getting out of control. Outside of emergencies, what need do you have to talk to someone while doing your business? Can’t it wait? Does the person you are talking to realize where their conversation is taking place?

In the past I’ve had an individual put their phone on speaker (obviously he left his hands-free device in the car) to take the call. I’ve also had the incredibly awkward situation where I have answered a question of the person standing beside me at the urinal, only to find out the question wasn’t for me. Do you realize how embarrassing that is? I’m trying to be cordial and yet end up feeling extremely awkward.

Here’s the bottom line, if you need to have something to do while taking care of business, do what the rest of us do and use the apps on your phone. I mean, seriously, how else could a game about flying birds crashing into pigs become a worldwide phenomenon? It must have been played millions of times, in bathrooms all across the world, by people minding their own business.

In closing, if you ever feel the urge to answer that call popping up on your cell phone while in the restroom, send it to voicemail and start up your favorite app. Always remember, when in the stall, don’t take the call.

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