Lion-killing dentist is getting all the shame he deserves on the Internet

I had been planning on writing a post about Cecil the lion but stumbled upon this post which sums up my thoughts, and more, in a well written piece.
The interesting thing about this whole story is the fact that it’s a microcosm of the much larger problem of our apparent political impasse on issues facing our nation. Actually, just like in this case, the vast majority of people all agree that in some form or another this was wrong. However, there are crazies who see no problem with how Cecil was treated, just like we have crazies who stand up on stage and talk about how all Mexicans are rapists and/or that the earth is 6,000 years old. In both cases, I think the vast majority are no doubt on the correct side of a particular issue, yet there’s always the angry “get off my lawn” grandpa who would rather keep their minds closed, their guns loaded, and their facts placed nicely in the trash.

A (or One) Skeptic

As has been widely reported in the media by now, Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer is a big-time game hunter, and he travels around the world to shoot big game with a bow and arrow. He can, of course, do whatever he wants as long as he can afford it. But now, in conjunction with his big game guides, to whom he paid more than $50,000, Palmer lured a lion named Cecil, the “star attraction” in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, out of the game reserve in which he was living to shoot him with a bow and arrow. The lion did not die immediately, so they had to track him for 40 hours before finishing him off.

Unfortunately for them, Cecil also had a GPS collar, which they were unable to remove. Two people are now under arrest — Theo Bronchorst, the guide who helped lure Cecil out of…

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