Charlie Update: Home and Recovery

I’m happy to report that Charlie is officially home!  The vet was very pleased with how the surgery went and said Charlie was a wonderful patient.  In fact, one of the vet techs told us that as he was waking up from the anesthesia his blanket started flapping around, powered by a rapidly wagging tail.

We now move to recovery and ensuring Charlie is as comfortable as possible as he heals from the surgery.  So far his swelling has been as expected and seems to come and go, some times worse than others.  We have pain medicine that we give him every 6-8 hours which is producing quite a bit of drowsiness.  Of course, at this point, resting is about the best thing for him.  He seems to like a cold compress at times, but there are also some instances where he wants nothing to do with them.

His appetite is back to normal which is a plus since he’s having to take some stronger doses of medication.  Also, along with the tail being in perfect condition, his licker is fine as well.  He’s still trying to give everyone a bath who comes within range.  Overall, he’s doing well considering what he just went through.

We want to thank everyone for all the positive thoughts and well wishes that were sent Charlie’s way.  Both he, and his parents, appreciate them immensely.

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