What is wrong with the SouthPark Bojangles’ ?

There is no secret that I have a love of Bojangles’. It has shaped me into the person I am today (literally). It has the best Sweet Tea, unbelievably good fixins, heavenly biscuits, and the chicken…ohhhhh that sweet, sweet chicken. Ok, I think you get the point; I’m a fan.

So, it is with deep regret that I have to chastise one of their establishments. The Bojangles’ at SouthPark is the worst Bojangles’ I’ve ever been to. From constantly getting my orders wrong to being told one time that they were out of chicken (no lie), I’ve had it with this location. The majority of Bojangles’ I’ve eaten at have been great, but this one is notorious for getting orders incorrect. It’s gotten so bad that as soon as I get my order, I pull out of the parking lot into the adjacent parking lot to examine the order. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. I have not formally kept statistics, but for me, they are batting around .500, which is great for a baseball player but absolutely atrocious for restaurant service.

I know, I know, I should just stop going to that Bojangles’, right? Well, that’s easier said than done. As many Bojangles’ as there are in Charlotte (probably only topped by the number of Harris Teeters), this is the only one I can get to on my way to work without having to take a crazy detour. Besides, a detour would only be a band-aid, it does nothing to address the underlying issue. I shouldn’t have to go to another Bojangles’ just so that I can get the actual drink I ordered.

So what to do? Well, I’ve written to Bojangles’ once before and voiced my displeasure, but nothing seemed to come from that. Now, I’m trying a new tactic, blogging about it. I understand that this will probably be even less effective than when I reached out to them earlier, but hey…what’s a Bojangles’ fan to do?

Here is my plea:

Mr. Bojangles’. Wait, scrap that, already been done before.

Ok, let’s try this again:

Dear Bojangles’,
Please help correct the issues at your SouthPark location. You’ll easily be able to find it. It’s right across the street from the mall with yellow and red signage. If you can’t find it, go into the complex and order something. If you get what you ordered, you’re at the wrong place, try the next restaurant.

Bojangles’ patron who enjoys order accuracy as much as your Sweet Tea

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